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The following technical articles were featured in the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI) publication, Interface


Investigation of Plaza Water Infiltration. Oct 2001


The Art of Replicating & Sourcing Leaks to the Interior of Buildings. Sept 2006


Facade INspections - Beyond the Vertical Plane Nov 2006


Optimized Design of Combined Disciplines - Steep Slope Roofing & External Wall Cladding Oct 2008


Redintegration of Sanctorum - Mulitdisciplinary Historic Rehab of Rock Chapel April 2009









Waterproofing is NOT Below Grade Roofing July 2010


Repair of Above-Roofline Parapet Walls on Vintage Structures March 2012


Innovative Window Injection Technique Aug 2013


Design Issues: The Devil in the Details March 2016


Low Slope Roofs are Rotting July 2016


Waterproofing ICF Foundations Nov 2017







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