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Facade failures have no set schedule.

Not to be ignored.

Throughout America, many older buildings are experiencing a deterioration of their exterior surfaces due to the effects of weather on aging materials. Many municipalities have deemed it necessary to require a hands-on physical inspection of all exterior surfaces in an effort to improve public safety.

Inspec started conducting facade inspections long before they became mandatory, and our experience helps get this job done quickly and affordably.

As an added benefit, our wall engineering group works on behalf of our clients to assist with the correction of problems found through regular inspections.

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Whether six or sixty stories, let Inspec handle the tall stuff.

Case Study

Built in 1925, the impressive Shoreland Hall at the University of Chicago deserves its listing in the National Register of Historic Places. However, through the years, age and weather had worked together to cause major distress to its classical revival facade. In fact, several facade elements were classified as imminently hazardous conditions by the City of Chicago. These included the 13th floor terra cotta cornice and the roof parapet.

The University hired Inspec to perform a hands-on inspection of 100 percent of the facade, to assess the degree of damage, and to develop a scope of repair for restoration. Inspec first tackled the worst areas. It was crucial to design, bid and implement critical repairs to these sections so that public safety was not compromised. Cornice safety netting was installed immediately as a precaution.

A second repair phase included restoration of the entire facade of the building to a safe condition. We utilized glass fiber reinforced concrete units in the cornice work, and also re-clad 70 percent of the roof parapet. The University is proud of its newly restored Shoreland Hall, and relieved that a potentially unsafe situation has been resolved.

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