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Brick wall collapse that went through the adjacent roof.

Someone needs to know what went wrong.

It may be you. Or your insurance company. But when things go wrong, you don’t want to be the one unjustly being asked to write the checks.

Inspec is nationally recognized as a leading Architectural/Engineering forensic firm for building exteriors, pavements, and below-surface waterproofing. When parties differ with regard to liability, our staff will examine and analyze the conditions and provide an expert opinion.

From detailed visual inspection to testing to invasive inspection openings, we investigate past and present conditions to formulate our evaluations. We ask many questions. When did the leakage start? What maintenance and repairs have been completed? What were the conditions at the time of the accident?

Defective window caused water damage and mold.

Our engineers, architects and field technicians are expert detectives. We look far beyond the facts because we know from experience that building problems are often interrelated. An apparent roof leak may actually originate in an exterior wall. Condensation in walls may be window-related. In our investigations we know when to use the microscope, wide-angle lens, or often, both.

Who uses our forensics services? Typically we work with building owners, contractors, law firms and insurance companies. The facilities we investigate range from huge airport hangars to private homes. Water and wind are not picky about their victims.


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