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This surface should last for years because time was spent on the initial design.

At times the earth is flat.

OK, not the entire planet, but parts of it should appear flat, like running tracks, tennis courts and ball fields. When bulges, sinkholes and cracks appear, it’s bad news for players, coaches and spectators. And a nightmare for maintenance staff.

At Inspec our goal is the same as yours — quality facilities that will withstand weather, temperature extremes and time. Bituminous, concrete and rubber surfaces can be designed to provide great service for years. Whether you plan to build new or rehabilitate existing, we’re your independent advisors who know what works and what doesn’t.

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Ask Inspec for a cost analysis on all of today’s modern track surfaces.

Case Study

Wayzata Central Middle School, located in Plymouth, Minnesota, serves an active student population of over 800 pupils. Their existing athletic track infield is used for football and soccer. The size and dimensions of the infield were adequate for football, but the width only met minimum standards for soccer competition.

The District hired Inspec to give them a solution. To increase the playable size of the infield, we addressed the existing surface drainage system which consisted of undulating drainage swales and catch basins. By redesigning this area to use continuous channel drains, the drainage swales were eliminated and an additional 30 feet of usable width was added to the soccer field.

Along with this, the footprint of the oval track was modified, decreasing the length and increasing the width. This made the infield wider, while still retaining the 400-meter track. Reconstruction of the track included demolition of the old athletic track and placement of new bituminous pavement and base materials. The new bituminous pavement can be surfaced at a later date with an all-weather rubber surfacing that will serve the School’s athletic needs for many years.

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