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Proper pavement engineering controls the flow of traffic and pedestrians as well as the flow of water.

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It all looks so simple.

Just lay some asphalt over dirt and presto – a parking lot. Left alone, it would be a parking lot you’d be paying for again and again. Time, traffic, and the weather work against you, whether your surfaces are old or new. Even the best designed and built pavements ultimately become victims needing repair and replacement. But we can help you improve the outlook.

Inspec has an entire division that specializes in the design and implementation of pavement systems. Just as in roofing and walls, our pavement design and management strategy is to maximize your financial investment through best-case engineering solutions coupled with attentive, timely maintenance. Smart pavement management doesn’t cost – it pays off, and we’ll show you how.

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Case Study

The Minnetonka Middle School, in Chanhassen, Minnesota, came to Inspec with a variety pack of issues involving school buses, car traffic and pedestrian safety. They needed more parking spaces. The student drop-off area was highly congested with no separate lanes for buses and cars. Parked cars had to back up directly into the existing drop-off lane. There was minimal curb space for drop-offs. And stacking space for vehicles was limited. All of this fed the growing pedestrians/vehicle conflict and increased safety concerns.

Inspec gave the School District different options to consider which helped them select the most appropriate solution from both a design and cost perspective. Our final design included reconstruction of existing bituminous parking lots, drives and pedestrian walkways. Pavement areas were designed to separate school bus loading/stacking areas from other vehicular traffic for student safety. The site grading plan incorporated a new storm sewer system and detention pond to meet local watershed and city requirements. Site landscaping was also included in the design documents. The project was carefully phased to allow safe school access for cars and buses throughout the construction period. We also provided construction administration, including construction observation and testing.

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