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Every roof system has its own unique characteristics. A proper design considers all aspects.

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How long is long?

The expected service life of a commercial low-slope roof is approximately 20 years. While industry still considers that a benchmark, at Inspec we have helped set longer life expectancy standards. And thankfully so, for you need not be reminded of the per-foot cost of replacing 100,000 sq. ft. of roof.

Driven by our desire to deliver greater value to our customers, Inspec routinely designs and develops low-slope roofs capable of reaching 40 years of use. This extended time equates to one clear benefit — greater owner equity.

There is no silver bullet. No special sauce. It comes down to basic, hands-on engineering. It involves a combination of a maintenance program, extensive construction observation and testing, tough design parameters including minimal penetrations, a durable time-tested roof system, and exceeding insulation specs in anticipation of increased heating costs. To skip any step is to negate the possibilities.

The following is an example of the financial benefits of a well-designed, well-built and well-maintained roofing system from the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. This information compares three different costing strategies over a span of 79 years.

25,000 sq. ft. roof / year 2000 dollars / cost per sq. ft.

  MnSCU Standard Industry Standard Substandard
Slope Slope-to-drain, no standing water Marginal slope-to-drain, some standing water No slope-to-drain
Life expectancy 40 years with annual maintenance 20 years with some maintenance 16 years with some maintenance
Initial cost $12 $8 $7
Reroofing cost
in 20 years
$0 $8 $7 (year 16)
Reroofing cost
in 40 years
$4 $8 $7 (year 32)
Reroofing cost
in 60 years
$0 $8 $7 (year 48)
$7 (year 64)
Maintenance $2 $3 $4
Year 79 total $18 / sq. ft. $35 / sq. ft. $39 / sq. ft.
Year 79 cost $450,000 $875,000 $975,000

Understanding the cost benefits of these different approaches helps you make an informed decision regarding your buildings. If you desire increased long-term performance, fewer budgeting surprises, and the security of knowing what to expect from your roofing systems, Inspec can help you reach those goals.

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