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Wall systems are just as important to water protection as the roof system.

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Would you hang a picture on the outside of a building?

Of course not.The weather would destroy it. Now imagine the effects of weather on the exterior of your building. Ice. Wind. Rain. Snow. Sun.

Sure it’s made of stone, mortar, metals and other weather-resistant materials, but that doesn’t mean your building is impervious to weather and time. And eventually, small problems can occur that lead to larger and more costly situations.

Rely on Inspec to design and manage wall systems that stand the test of time.

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Case Study

Complaints about indoor air quality at the Brooklyn Park City Hall led to an investigation that discovered mold in the walls of this ten-year old building. The City had been proactive with Inspec’s roof management program. Ultimately, it turned out that the roofing system, an initial suspect, wasn’t the leak source that sustained the mold.

Through a comprehensive exterior wall survey, Inspec discovered that the exterior walls were the culprits and coordinated the findings with the City’s environmental consultant.

Insufficient design and poor installation of through-wall flashing and windows were allowing water into the wall cavities. Through a combination of both destructive and non-destructive testing, Inspec helped identify all current sources of water entry in the walls. We then designed repairs that consisted of replacing part of the exterior wall veneer, installing new flashings, and replacing or resetting windows in most of the building. Our thorough documentation of existing conditions would also help the City if they chose to litigate the architect or builder.

While developing the wall repair scope, we had to expose some perimeter area of the upper roof. From this vantage point, we noticed that the steel roof deck was rusting, a condition that could not be seen from the attic of the building. Water coming through the parapets, creating wet phenolic insulation on the roof deck, was the cause of the rust. Test openings showed what roof areas needed attention right away and what areas should be monitored for future attention. Design and repairs were completed on a 40-foot-wide section of the concrete tile roof that needed immediate attention.

By recognizing and resolving their building issues, the City made a wise investment that will contribute to the healthy longevity of their beautiful City Hall. We are pleased that Inspec’s efforts helped them.

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